We're in the middle of June Gloom here in Fullerton.  Overcast mornings and little chance for sunshine until late afternoon are the norm.   This is a perfect time to clear out all the clothing in your closet that you have not been wearing.  I started clearing out mine over last weekend.  If it hasn't been worn in a year, it goes into the "maybe" pile.  If it hasn't been worn in a few years and is in good shape (and still fairly fashionable), it goes in the "donate" pile.  Any longer than than - into the "discard" pile it goes.   Growing up in Connecticut in a house with an attic with cedar-lined storage closets, it's hard to consider clearing out things rather than saving them for a "maybe some day I'll wear it" so I better save it.   I think we've pretty much all gone through that thought process.  Sometimes it better to just move on.

At any rate it's time to clear out the old and spruce things up with a couple of new items.  XCVI 

has so many great items that we have been able to stock.  I particularly like their new cotton poplin wide leg pant, both cropped and long.  The pants have a little spandex in them which keeps them fairly wrinkle free.  Add the tank tops that just arrived, a Brighton straw bag and a great pair of espadrilles, all leather and bench made in Spain, and you have a pretty great outfit.

Don't forget a Panama hat to keep the sun off your face.


our Commercial Is here!

Our totally amazing commercial has been released yay! Let Susan show you around the shop and then come see us to see how wonderful Lolo can be for you in real life. Silver Rose Entertainment did a beautiful job highlighting our boutique and we couldn't be happier.

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Small Business Saturday

American Express came and filmed at our store about our experience doing Small Business Saturday. Watch and see how wonderfully it worked out for us, and come see us sometime to experience it all for yourself!


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